Why Should You Mention Achievements Along With Role Accountabilities and Responsibilities?

Why Should You Mention Achievements Along With Role Accountabilities and Responsibilities?

Mar 10, 2021. By Priyanka Verma

Many of us think that a resume should be limited to just including roles and responsibilities which is not wrong but it should also include your work achievements of your previous jobs because it tells the recruiters how you were able to achieve targets and how your well tested skills can be of use to the new company. Mentioning your work achievements actually strengthens your trust in recruiters. Your work achievements make you stand out from others without a doubt and increases your chances of getting shortlisted.

Think of the accomplishment section as self-promotion or a way of marketing your skills to the employer. Some people shy away from including achievements because they think that it might seem like they are showing off. 

However, it is not considered bragging to showcase the things you've accomplished using your knowledge and skills. It is merely a measure of your ability to advance your experience using the things you have learned in your professional career.

Below are the reasons why they should be included in your resume


  • It shows your potential:


Professional accomplishments signal to a potential employer that you are someone who is motivated to excel in your position. They demonstrate that you use your education and knowledge to go beyond a position's requirements and do the best that you can. All employees are expected to live up-to their duties as stated in their job descriptions.

 However, accomplishments show that you are able to push past the regular routine and design something new or produce more than expected. Achievements reveal to an employer that you can apply your skills in real-life situations. It basically removes any doubt that the recruiters may already have about you after reading just the basics but mentioning your achievements remove all such doubts and make the hirers confident enough about hiring you.


  • It makes you stand out from others:


Roles and responsibilities are well known by all those who are  applying for the job, you are measured based on  what you have accomplished in the previous jobs and performance is what that we are recognized for. Even at the time of rating the performance, we don’t get a rating based on what we did the entire year, the basics are performed by everyone but how we performed our duties, this is what makes us different and shine from others, and seeing our performance only we get promotions accordingly. 

Therefore, we should never lag behind in showcasing our real potential by explaining our achievements because that is something which boosts our chances of getting selected.


  • Adds the value to you resume:


When we have achieved more than others, how can that not add value to your resume. Mention clearly and precisely what will you add in that will provide the benefit to your boss or your company. By doing this, you clearly communicate not only what you’re capable of, but also the direct benefit the employer will receive by hiring you. And let’s face it, everyone wants to know what’s in it for them, everyone is working for gaining profit and making a mark in the fields they are working in and definitely would want to hire somebody who would add up to instead of declining the image of the company.


  • Boost up your selection chances:


Any hirer for his company wants a very competent employee, he would want to hire somebody who just not showcase his skills on a piece of paper but also deliver them. But what’s the way to search that, because every applicant will only write good stuff about him on paper, nobody will criticize his or doubt his own capabilities and one must not even either but what option does a hirer has , it is the past work accomplishments only that make the recruiters believe in the skills of the applicant.

It makes the manager think that the applicant has it in him what he is looking for. Therefore, always take this column seriously and write accordingly.

Adding your work accomplishments definitely makes you different from other candidates and ensures that the recruiter is not making any mistake to hire you. Mentioning them is like selling your own brand and this should be done in the best possible manner, after all it’s a question of your career. But having said, don’t just keep bragging about your achievements through the entire resume that the manager starts finding you overqualified and rejects you.

Everything on a resume should be done by following the basic norms that don't make you different from others in a wrong sense. Remember while writing the resume that you have to write it to make things work in your favor not against you.

Why Should You Mention Achievements On Your Resume


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