What To Expect At A Job Interview

What To Expect At A Job Interview

Nov 22, 2021. By Admin

If you are reading this, you must have been through one job interview at the least if not more or you are expecting to be at one in the near future. Whichever way, a job interview can be a stressful exercise for you, and the best way to overcome this is to be prepared. Anticipate what questions could be thrown your way and prepare for the same. A bit of preparation would go a long way in avoiding situations where you stumble on questions that were not expected. You must know that the interviewers have the knack of catching you on the wrong foot and asking you questions that are beyond your resume.

The way most interviewers start is with the clichéd questions and the most common one is to tell a little about yourself. Expect this question at an interview that you are going into and this is your sixty seconds of glory. Create a pitch about yourself and rehearse it. Make sure that it sounds interesting to you. If it doesn’t, the possibility is that it isn’t interesting to the interviewer either.

The next common question is to walk you through your resume. Again, it is important that you know exactly what is mentioned on your resume. A well-written resume is what got you to the interview table and if you are not in a position to elaborate on the same, it sure isn’t going to work in your favor. If you have hired a resume writer to draft that perfect resume for you, make sure that you read it more than once and understand the components of the resume and how you can explain it best to the interviewer. Make the response lively, talk about real-world scenarios and talk about the initiatives that you have brought in your previous roles, talk about the advantage it has created to those organizations. Talk numbers, stick to the point and you are good.

what do you know about the company

What do you know about the company? is another question you can expect at most interviews. Interviewers ask you this question to understand the groundwork you have done prior to the interview and to understand the preparedness. Do your bit of research on the company you are applying into, understand their work culture, show them your interest on being a part of that company and the value that you can bring into the place through your previous experience. Give them the confidence about the value you bring to the table.

Irrespective of the contents of the resume, interviewers would like to understand your perspective in why you consider yourself being a fit for the position you have applied for. It is not the case that you are a misfit and they still called you in for a discussion, this question is asked to understand how you are going to solve the problem that the question demands. This is when you have to leverage the contents of the resume, sync your previous job roles in relation to the position you are being interviewed for. The best and convincing way to make them understand is to show them that you have done similar tasks in the past and shown results and you can do it in the new role as well. Bank on your skills, competencies, and results to answer a question like this.

These are some of the most common questions that you can expect at any job interview and it is an easy task to be prepared with the perfect response for all of these with a bit of practice. It's worth the time you spend practicing it because it sure is to impress the listener. When your CV has done its part in getting you to the interview table, it is now your responsibility to ensure that you cross the other half.

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