Top Four CV Writing Tips That Will Get You The Right Interview

Top Four CV Writing Tips That Will Get You The Right Interview

Jan 27, 2021. By Admin

How many times have you tried really hard at writing, rewriting, and editing your CV only to send it for the positions that you feel you are the best fit for and never hear back from those employers? Well, you are not alone. The reality is that there is a good possibility that no one actually saw your resume. Over 80% of the organizations use Applicant Tracking Systems that scan your CV and determine if you are a good fit for the role or not by looking for keywords on your resume.
Keywords are the terms that are of utmost importance on your resume and the Applicant Tracking System uses them to filter the resumes that come in, screen them using the availability of keywords, and then move it on to the recruiter or the hiring managers to take the process forward.
To see how to optimize these keywords and provide your resume with the much-needed visibility, here are the top 4 tips:

Write Your Resume Using The Keywords That You Can Extract From Job Descriptions:
Most resumes that come our way are generic in nature. For example: If you are a machine operator and the position that you are applying for is that of a CNC Operator, your resume is not going to show up even after applying for that position because the term ‘CNC’ is missing on your resume. Though you know for a fact that you are good at operating CNC machines, your resume will not be considered for this position because you have not used the right keyword on your resume.

Place The Keywords Right At The Top:
You may use these as part of your resume title. This will help when your resume gets through the Applicant Tracking System and reaches the recruiter or the hiring manager. When they look at your resume, when your key skills are mentioned right at the top or placed strategically to meet the readers’ eye, they get the perspective and look at you as a potential candidate for the role. This helps even at times when recruiters use a manual search using the search function on the word or the pdf document. These keywords show up in yellow and seeing this right at the top is sure to help.

Avoid Unwanted Information:
Most profiles that we see are of clients who are not in a position to differentiate the important aspects of their job profile from the not so important ones. It happens with most executives because it is part of their everyday job and they get so used to it that they are unable to differentiate. That is where a Professional Resume Writer comes to help because they look at it from an outsider perspective and compare it with the open market, this enables them to differentiate the important aspects of the job profile and use only that information on the resume. This is more relevant for the entry-level positions because not all tasks that one does is going to be of use in the next profile, so it becomes all the more important to filter it out and have only useful information on the CV.

Personalize Your CV:
Most positions that open up in the job market receive hundreds of applications if not thousands. Apart from having the right keywords to get you through the Applicant Tracking Systems, it is important that you personalize your resume to show the hiring manager or the recruiter on why you are different from the hundred other shortlisted ones. For example, if you are going to apply for the position of a Chief Financial Officer and if your profile is one among the hundred that the employer has received post-screening, every profile is going to have the standard set of tasks which the CFOs usually perform. Now the hiring manger will be more interested in the profiles which have something more than the standard set of tasks. So, bringing in initiatives or cost-saving measures or validation through results could be the differentiating factor. So, personalize as much as possible.
If you are finding it difficult to identify what information is useful on your resume or in defining your present job role or personalizing your profile, it is time to take support from a resume writing service. You can mail in your resumes to
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