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The following content discusses on the top 5 easeful tips for building the best resume.


As we all know that resume is an informational document that briefly explains your skills and trainings, educational background, work experience and the accomplishments you’ve achieved in your former work sectors in a concise manner. An executive resume must showcase your career objective to the employer in order to explain the benefits the company will gain by hiring you.

The overall goal and purpose of your resume is to introduce yourself to the employer, communicate your skills, achievements, academics, etc in a concise manner and to secure you an interview. So, prepare yours as the perfect resume by following the top 5 important tips. They are,


  1. RESUME STATEMENT IN LIEU OF AN OBJECTIVE: As time and fashion change, everything change and everyone does. We all know that resume objective was once a successful step in preparing a good resume but now the trend has been changed to resume objective which plays a major role in building the best resume.


A resume statement focusses more on where you’ve been than where you want to go. This summarizes your past work experience and your achievements. This slightly differs from objectives, which looks at your aims and discuss why you're motivated to get the job. This may be useful, particularly if you are a less experienced candidate.


However, it places an excessive amount of emphasis on your requirements rather than those of the company’s needs but a summary statement provides the recruiter with the details they require right away. It describes your background, your most significant work, and one or two standout skills that you possess.



  1. FINE-TUNE THE RESUME FOR ATS: 75% of employers today use the ATS software to scan your resumes for necessary elements such as relevant keywords, grammatical errors, etc. before it could reach the hands of the recruiters.


The aspects required to make your resume pass the ATS scanning are,

  • Use a good number of keywords on resume
  • Use a simple template without cluttering graphics or font
  • Avoiding spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • Delivering your resume in the right document format.



  1. SIMPLE AND EXEMPLARY RESUME DESIGN: You can add a bit of elegance and creativity to your resume but make sure it looks simple and easy for passing the ATS scanning. The document shouldn't be overdesigned because this will make it more difficult to read and may also make it more difficult for machines to process.


Few simple tips can be followed while writing a good resume profile,

  • Use neutral color shades on your resume
  • Maintain writing size as 10, 12.
  • Use simple and clearly-readable fonts such as Times New Roman, etc.
  • Use bulletin points to highlight your details instead of long paragraphs.



  1. UPDATE CERTIFICATIONS: Always keep your resume updated with the most recent skills and accomplishments you have attained. This is very much required in IT sector, pharmaceuticals, etc. as the candidates for these fields must demonstrate that they have been following emerging trends and scientific advancements.



  1. QUANTIFY ALL: A crucial step in quantifying your performance over time is to include KPIs on your CV. These will demonstrate to the potential employer who is reading your document how your skills translated into quantifiable results.


This might be expressed as a ratio, a revenue figure, or just the raw number of produced or sold units. If you want to see the outcomes of your paper, they must be on the page.
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