This Is What Happens To Your Resume!

This Is What Happens To Your Resume!

Jan 27, 2021. By Admin

Do you think that you are following the best practices in resume writing for 2020?
Ever wondered why you don’t hear back from employers even when you know you are a perfect fit for the position you have applied?
Through this article, we bring in our expertise as India’s top resume writing firm to share the reasons that holds back your career possibilities when it comes to resumes and how one can overcome that.


The role of ATS in recruitment:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just limited to space exploration or to firms like Tesla, it is part of your day to day life and recruitment is no exception. AI is used to a great extent in recruitment through ATS (Applicant Tracking System). However, most applicants that we come across are surprised to know the use of Artificial Intelligence when it comes to screening their resumes. The reason being, most still consider their own resumes to be a few sheets of paper with content in it.
The awareness about what happens to their resumes after they apply for a particular position is limited. Most are clueless about the status of their applications after they have applied or what happens at the back-end. Let’s see what happens at the other end:

Resume Management:
Irrespective of the mode of application, the resume you share with a prospective employer gets stored on their database management engine, commonly referred to as the ATS ( Applicant Tracking System ). Sometimes, these resumes are stored for longer periods of time and looked up when the requirement arises in the future.

Resume Parsing:
Once the resume is loaded into the ATS, the software parses the content on your resume into its database. This is where most of the resumes falls into the blackhole because it is not written or formatted in a manner that the Applicant Tracking System can read and extract data. So, either these resumes get stored in an incomplete manner or the recruiter should manually enter the data points, which is a tiresome process. It is therefore essential to have an ATS compatible / compliant resume.

Resume Search:
The ATS is commonly accessed by the recruiters and hiring managers to look for potential applicants to be interviewed. In-order to shortlist the right set of applicants, the recruiters use different parameters for screening such as the years of experience, target employers, location, and the most important being keywords.

Keyword Search:
Keywords are the most important search component used on the ATS. It’s a bunch of words that are specific to the position that the recruiters search on the ATS. These normally consists of key skillsets or technologies that are needed for a particular position. The Applicant Tracking System pulls out the resumes from its database that matches the input keywords. The resumes that do not have the necessary keywords are rejected by the ATS. The ATS works on preset algorithms and ranks the resumes that match on one or more parameters. Therefore, it is essential that your resume has the right set of keywords in-order to get the right kind of visibility.

Our team reviews thousands of CVs every month and most resumes fail on one or all of the above parameters and among these, lack of keywords is the primary reason why the resume fails the ATS test followed by lack of ATS compatibility and poor formatting. It is also observed that there are a lot of resumes that are built on designing tools such as photoshop or illustrator which come out as image files, these resumes do not get read by the ATS for the simple reason that the ATS does not read image files. It only detects readable text; in-order to overcome this issue, for the last decade or so, we at CV Designer create all our resumes only on Microsoft Office suite such as Word and PowerPoint, that are a 100% ATS compatible.

You may reach out to us to have your resume reviewed and / or get a new resume created that are in sync with the above parameters to give you the right kind of visibility and gets you the right interview. We also have a division of resume writers that pioneer in writing geography specific resumes and certified as one of the best team of resume writers for the Gulf region, the US, Canada, EU and the Australian Region.

You may write to us at or reach us at +91 844 844 8780 for a discussion.


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