The Smart Way To Draft A CV

The Smart Way To Draft A CV

Nov 09, 2021. By Admin

Change is the only constant in the world. We are all subjected to change or changes in the plural. But in a world that is constantly changing why let your resume suffer being stuck in the old-traditional format. Give your traditional resume a complete makeover with the top trending resume tips. Here are some of the most trending tips for a resume.

Steal like a pro:

Don't know what to fill in your skill setlist. Well, here is a secret. Read the job ad, you will get most of the required soft skills from here. And this will make sure that you land on this particular job because HR is going to feed their ATS scanners with these keywords. So, there is a 90% chance of your resume to land you a face-to-face interview at once. 

If you find a new skill set that you don't have, it is best to learn the new skill set for applying in the future. This will help you to understand the future of your career path. And also let you explore other options in the said career for a brighter future.

Let your skills speak for you:

While drafting your resume, make sure that you include a separate section for soft skills.

The SHRM study has said that the HR professionals quote lack of soft skill as one of the top reasons why people don't get hired? In this study, more than two-fifth of the HR professionals mention that they do not get resumes that have the required soft skills for the necessary role.

On average, the job posting contains 21.8 skills, while the resumes barely have 13 skills in them. This has led to many thinking if there is a skill gap or if the job seeker is unable to articulate their soft skills in the resume.

As a remedy for the said skills gap, we would recommend you read the job description carefully. And load your resumes with many soft skills as you can. This will help your resumes surpass the ATS scanner and land right on the interviewer's table. 

let your skills speak for you

Skip the fancy design elements:

Not getting a job as quickly as you would like? One element to examine might be the design of your resume. With so many companies using applicant tracking systems, a major resume trend for 2021 is going to be for job seekers to learn to format their resumes in ways that are digestible to ATSs.

To start, review the design of your resume and remove any elements that might be confusing to the software. Busy borders, images, and other artwork can inadvertently get your resume thrown in the "no" pile. Using unusual section headers instead of the typical "skills," "work history," and "education" headers can also confuse an ATS.

However, a simple well-organized resume doesn't have to be boring to look at. There are many ATS-friendly resume designs out there to choose from in 2021.

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