Resume Writing Services in Delhi

Is volunteering a valuable skill set? Will it help get me a job? Yes, and yes! Contact CV Designer - the top resume writing service in Delhi and we will write and design a CV that gets you placed in your dream job!

Resume Writing Services in Delhi

Professional Resume Writers in Delhi

When it comes to the professional world, a resume/CV is the one document that is used to capture the course of your professional journey in words. The CV serves as your 2-dimensional hologram to the hiring manager. Hence, the CV must capture the details and highlights of your professional journey and help sets your profile visually apart in an otherwise binary world.

We serve as your one-stop solution catering to all the resume writing and design needs, across multiple industries and tiers of job functions. At CV Designer - professional resume writers in Delhi, our team comprises of:
a) Resume Writers - who are experienced in writing a CV for a specific industry, headed by Sushana Adurthi, and for cross-functional roles that may span over more than 2 industries.
b) Resume Designers - who are seasoned in graphic and web design, being able to translate aspects of your profile into dynamic visuals.
c) Resume Editors - who help keep the entire design and write-up in jibe with the central tenets of industry requirements.

Your journey begins with a chat with our team member, intending to discover your profile and explore approaches to get you placed in your ideal job. Our team member then pairs you with one of our seasoned writers, based on the industry-specific requirements discovered during the initial chat. We continue with you on this explorative journey, where our writer gets a better understanding of your requirements and offers you their expertise on the hiring committee’s requirements within a specific job function.

Our resume writers’ are also looking to articulate the additional skill sets and activities that have helped groom your personality to further bolster your CV. After collecting the necessary information from you, the CV is drafted and edited to make it an ideal representation of your professional repertoire in words. Post the approval of this construct, the CV is handed over to the CV Designers graphic and design team.

Our resume design team members use the industry-specific norms and build an easily readable visual draft of your CV. The objective is to capture your personal traits through colour schemes, designs, and text and translate the unsaid to implied when read by the recruiter and/or the hiring managers. The CV Designers team pays additional attention to keeping the CV SEO optimized and offers suggestions on the best way to package the information (audio-visual or visual only) for an impact-filled representation of your profile.

The third and final step is where the CV Desingers’ team editors review the designed CV and edit the document to strike a balance between the information being related and its layout. Parameters like readability scores, black & white vs. colour version, supporting information- amount and its layout through the document etc. are reviewed and edited as required.

The result? A resume/CV that serves as your 2D representative to the hiring manager, and sets you apart from the pool of applicants because of the nuanced design and visuals incorporated. The objective is to help make your resume/CV a compelling document to read and view, one that simply cannot be missed!

Resume designing is no child’s play, and we are not kidding when we say that the team at CV Designer is the best at getting you closer to be placed in your ideal job. Give us a call, we are happy to chat!