Professional Resume Writers in Kochi

Professional Resume Writers in Kochi

Jan 27, 2021. By Admin

We have been crafting resumes and CV’s for over 10 years now. The last 3 years however have been a learning curve for us as-well and have been recognized as a company that offers the top rated resume writing services in Chennai. We have experienced a shift in expectations and a change in perspective when it comes to reflecting a career story on a sheet of paper. We keep swimming with the tide structuring and changing the style of today’s job market requirement while keeping in mind what the hiring managers and recruiters look for.  Our team holds one among the best professional resume writers in the market.

It seems like a good time to share the ideal 2018 resume format with you.

The Rule Book!

Keep it crisp! Keep it Neat!

A two page resume / cv is all you need to present yourself to the hiring panel.  NO MORE! Hiring managers and recruiters go through so many profiles in a day that they can’t possibly read through the whole of your resume / CV. They do not take the pain the read a very verbose / wordy document. Keep your content crisp. Ensure the content is well spaced and sentences are short and draw attention to key points.

Keep the Format clean and presentable!

Though its very important to set yourself apart in the crowd, it is also important to not over do it! Striking the right balance between text and graphics is the key. Recruiters would want to run through your resume quickly and would appreciate if they can pick on important points quickly. Now if they have to reach a 5-page document with no headers and content highlights, they can’t pick the needed details and the CV lands in the trash bin. Our suggestion, write a resume / CV that pulls your capability out and not the functional aspect of your day to day activities.

Highlight your significant contributions!

Ensure you highlight your unique skills and what you do best. More importantly, ensure you validate your claim with a valid explanation. Its is very important that you resume / CV screams out loud Hire Me! Make sure that your key selling points are communicated right up front by writing a strong summary not more than 8 lines and begin with a headline that says exactly who you are and what position you are targeting.

Focus on the end result and not the task!

No one wants to read a list of accountabilities. Hiring managers know what a person holding your designation would do. They would like to know the end result of the task you have handled. Stay away from generic terms such as “Excellent in communication”. They will eventually find out when your resume / CV compels them to call you inviting you for a face to face interview. All they want to know is if you have done what you were hired for so they can figure out what value you are bringing along with you if they were to hire you for their team! The best way to show off your achievements is by neatly segregating them under headers and listing out action-oriented accomplishments in short sentences and bullets.

Include your LinkedIn handle

If you are someone who is active in social media show it off. We are not talking about Facebook here. The last you can do is provide the LinkedIn handle that is fully completed. No one wants to visit you on LinkedIn to find just the timelines or a blank page. The first level of screening always happens here and the risk of you being considered as one behind trend is higher and might hurt your chances of an interview or a good quality opening. If you fall under the creative professionals, you have to have a web link to your portfolio.

What classifies as a good resume in 2018?

  • The resume begins with the name with tag link explaining what you do followed with contact details. It makes the recruiters life easy to understand where they can fit you. You can check us out. We are rated as the top resume writers in Chennai.
  • Profile of self – introduction - This leads to an understanding of what exactly you are good at! Please stat away from objectives!
  • Core Competencies – List them out right. They act as keywords that would ensure your CV gets through the ATS and would list out your core skills. Do not dig out skills from your first job. Keep them brief and try pull out skills you have been using recently. If you wish to understand further on this point you can schedule a call with us to and one of our content experts will call you to explain how professional resume writing services in Chennai is catered to.
  • Value Addition – List achievements here neatly categorizing it under headers that go hand in hand with the core skills you have listed.
  • Awards – Have you been recognized for your skills or offerings? Flaunt it! Remember to mention exactly what and when you were appreciated.
  • Recognized for – If you hold skills that you are known for list them down along with a case point.
  • Scope of work – Try not list these under every timeline if you have held similar positions or your core activities have been the same.
  • Specific contributions – Instead of listing KRA’s, list what you have offered the companies you have been with and how they have benefited through you listing the end results clearly.
  • Technical Skills – List them all! Do not hold any back as you never know what a recruiter is looking out for.
  • Client Names – Do not list client names on your CV unless you have been asked to. It could act as a negative point on your CV
  • Projects – If you have been involved is projects do not list the whole list there. Pick the top 5 or 10 projects that have added value to your career.
  • LinkedIn Recommendations – Add them if you have them! LinkedIn recommendation act as a catalyst towards framing your credibility. They are genuine and can not be faked so their credibility is higher. If you do not have them, its time to send out requests.

Gear up now and start preparing your resume / CV. We are here to assist you and it would be our pleasure to craft your cv. We provide resume writing services globally and we have offices across Chennai, Ernakulam, Delhi, Hyderabad & Bangalore.


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