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This content highlights the lethal mistakes that are commonly made by the job seekers while attempting to write or update a resume.

A common mistake made by most of the job-seekers while attempting to write or update their resume is writing the resume as though their goal is to blend in with every job-seeker in the pack. “Corporate Zombie Speak”, is a term that is been used to refer the standard for resumes and has been for more than fifty years. But in today’s world, people refer this type of resumes as awful, terse and boring style. Your CV must be seen by a live person in order to be considered for a job interview. Who gets an interview and who doesn't is not decided by resume-sifting applications. If you want to be considered for the position, your CV must be seen by a live person.

Your CV needs to demonstrate that you are aware of your strengths and how you may benefit your potential employers. But unfortunately, this is the thing that most of the corporate zombie speak resumes do not do. They generically and monotonously brand their owners that every job seeker sounds the same such as, “results-oriented professional with a bottom-line orientation skilled at leading cross-functional initiatives to achieve corporate objectives”. You lose all of your cool and clever attributes when you write about yourself in this manner. We are unable to discern your thoughts or your opinions of your past and future professional actions. You sound like a drone, yet you are much too lively to come across that way.

When you brand yourself in a human way, much more of your heft and personality comes across. You can simply tell your story in your resume without praising yourselves and can replace the zombie language in your resume with your own human voice and story. Many job-seekers write their resumes in a boring, old style but it is only the humans who decide to pick and drop a resume so being more active and expressing a human sparkle will help you to make a more live resume. Some HR and managers will not like the human voice in your resume but then it is one of the most wonderful branding element that pulls in the people. So, making a resume that has more of human voice will definitely lead you in getting a well-defined job.  You can reach us at or give us a call at 0091 844 844 8780


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