how to write your work history in a CV

How to write your work history in a CV?

Oct 08, 2021. By Admin

There is one spot in every resume that makes the interviewer attract like magnets. That is your experience or work history. It is said that 39% of the employers reach out to people who have stayed in a job for more than a year, than job-hoppers who stay not more than 3 months in one organisation. So, while writing this part of the resume. Do not throw the previous jobs in the dark, bring them to light by using these simple yet effective tricks.   

 Steady work history 

Employers prefer job stability in a candidate more than job-hop from one to another.  Though it may look impressive in your resume to have a job change, make sure that you are staying in a job for at least 2 years. A job stability implies that the candidate is well skilled for the job and has the capacity to solve any issue that lands on the job.

You can draw the employers attention towards your work history by carefully choosing the best template for your resume. We recommend a chronological resume, were your jobs are listed in a reverse order, which emphasise your work history in an appealing manner to the recruiters.   


 Show results, not just skills 

Recruiters are searching for more than just a boring list of skills in a candidate. And the best way to make yourself visible, is by highlighting your achievements through results. Bring life to your accomplishments by adding numbers and percentages in your resume.   This gives them a better understand of what you can do, and how well you will fit in the organisation.


How successful you were in your job can not only be expressed in numbers, but in action too. So, do not forget to mention the time you set up a forum or gave a customer satisfaction survey result or improved traffic to your website.


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