How to write your achievements in your CV ? (Part 2)

How to write your achievements in your CV ? (Part 2)

Sep 11, 2021. By Admin

Have you ever felt that restricted, confined and suffocated feeling while writing your achievements in the resume due to the one-page restriction? Well, we feel you and we are here to make this feeling vanish. We have tried and tested some unique and smart ways that will help you not only include all your achievements in the resume but also make your resume stand out of the crowd and land the job of your dreams.

When people start creating their resumes, they focus more on their education and employment history. They mention in detail all their academics and their jobs in detail for their employment history. After which they would run out of space to include their achievements in a separate section. To solve this page restriction problem we have the best solution right here.

Include all your academic and employment achievements in the respective sections in a brief and concise manner.

For example, if you received a distinction in your degree, you can just add a hyphen and add the word 'distinction' after typing in your qualification. As another example, you can include any awards earned during your employment in the bullet points of your responsibilities.

While writing all your achievements in the resume, keep in mind that your achievements must align with what the hiring company is looking for. Our best advice is to focus more on employment success rather than educational success.

There are some professions like teaching, scientific research etc which highly focus on the educational background. In these types of resumes, it is best to focus on your educational achievements. Hence focus on the type of profession and then write the achievements in your resume accordingly.

Still cannot include all your achievements in the resume? Don't worry include them in the cover letter. Again keep in mind to include your achievements in a brief and concise manner.

Writing a resume can be tough, when you write it without any directions. But don't worry, we are here to help you. We make the best CVs available in the market, to know more give us a call at +91 844 844 8780 or leave us an email at


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