How to write your achievements in your CV ? (Part 1)

How to write your achievements in your CV ? (Part 1)

Sep 08, 2021. By Admin

The CV is a more elite way of narrating your career story to the interviewer. The most effective type of CV or resume is the one that highlights the achievements of an individual.

Why should you write an achievement-driven CV?

If you had a responsibility in your previous job, the interviewer will not know that you excelled in it. Until it is mentioned on your CV or resume. Hence, by using an achievement-based CV, you can gather an overview of your actions and responsibilities in your past employment, and make yourself appear as a potential candidate for the appropriate position they are looking for. 

Now imagine yourself as a recruiter, who receives thousands of CVs with well-presented content, similar qualifications and a number of relevant past jobs.

Which CV will you choose for an interview?

A resume that seems like a long list of responsibilities is less likely to be chosen than one that clearly highlights their relevant achievements and strengths.

How to identify an achievement?

While writing your achievements using this simple formula.

Your action = Your results

The achievement you have must be an action that had a result which gave a positive impact. The skills and knowledge you would need to perform your everyday work duties does not count in this category.  

What achievements should I include?

The most powerful achievements are those that are quantifiable, so include as many numbers or percentages wherever you can in the CV. Instead of writing 'Increased sales revenue' replace it with 'Increased sales by 20%' or 'Increased sales to $3000'. The numbers here play an important role in elevating your achievements to the next level.

If you were a part of the team that had achieved the best results in the market, you can still include them. For example, ' Member of a high-performing team that won the best team award for last year.' Highlight your performance as a good team player along with the details of the role you played in the success of the team.

Stay tuned for part 2.





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