How to write your achievements in a resume? (Part 3)

How to write your achievements in a resume? (Part 3)

Sep 29, 2021. By Admin

We are all achievers having a bunch of achievements with us. But how can we write about all our achievements in the little space provided? Are all of them necessary while writing a resume?

While drafting your resume make sure that you only include the ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Nobody wants to read about your achievements in school. So write the ones that are necessary only. Also remember this simple rule,  

Your actions = Your results

The recruiter would like to know more about your achievements, work results and how it has helped your employers. Start thinking about the time you created something new that impacted the profit of the organisation. It could have positively impacted the organisation's productivity or profit.

When you have an achievement in mind, think about these factors.

  • Process/System Improvements
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Design Improvement
  • Saved Time
  • Saved $$$
  • Made the company $$$$
  • Developed/Created something new
  • New program creation
  • Policy improvements
  • Developed new policies
  • Created best practices
  • Improved retention or employee satisfaction
  • Improved work culture

TIP: Whenever possible, use #s, %, stat, how much, how many, quantify!

Here are some examples from different fields of career. 

  • Created new change management training course. Taught class to 500+ employees throughout the company.
  • Negotiated contract supplies for a lower price. Result saved over $100,000.

The next time you write a resume, make sure that you keep these little things in mind. This is because your resume will be viewed by a recruiter for only 20 seconds. Hence make your resume short and sweet.

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