How to prepare for an interview

How to prepare for an interview

Jan 27, 2021. By Admin

Your resume is a document which makes you land in the right job. Coming from the recruitment background we have gone through 1000’s of resume which is just a copy paste of their friend's resume. Generic resumes are out of the trend and recruiters looking for some unique candidates to be on board, so it is necessary to have a document which showcases yourself different from others.

Also remember to submit a cover letter along with your resume, this show that you respect and value their time, it also creates a positive impact on you. Keep your cover letter precise with all important details captured in a single page.

Your USP is your experience, capture it in a way that it impresses the recruiter when they scan through your resume. In case of fresher your education plays a major role.

Being in the 21st century, social media holds a big part in identifying brands or individual. Have a research on the company, job description and their social media presence before hitting the interview stage.



Have a professional resume

The #1 marketing tool is your resume. Consider your resume a forward-looking document, crafted to a specific job at a specific company

Submit a professional Cover Letter

Cover Letter is very important. No more than one page.Go that extra mile and prove you know the company

Experience & Academics plays a major role

For career transitioners, the biggest selling point is your education and experience.Demonstrate on your resume how academic projects & research add to your knowledge and skill base

Stand out in Social Media

Stand out by following the company on social media. Join their LinkedIn groups. Go to meetings and make connections


Can you tell me the names of the individual who will be interviewing me?

What interview format should I expect? Panel, One-on-one...etc.

Is there anything i need to bring or prepare for the interview?


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