How to Create a Modern  Resume

How to Create a Modern Resume

Jan 27, 2021. By Admin

How to Create a Modern Resume

In this modern time, looking for a job is marketing yourself. All you need is some right tools to work for you, having a traditional and outdated resume is not one of those in this situation. It is therefore understandable that to meet the employers need you need to have a professionally written resume.

Here are few tips to develop a modern resume:

Your old, traditional resume just won’t make the cut. Make sure to build a layout and focus on the overall design of your resume. Remember not to use the template available online because 86% of them are not readable through Applicant Tracking System. Building your resume in PowerPoint is recommendable.

  • Use columns to maximize space on resume
  • Do not fill it with excessive or irrelevant information
  • Information provided should be short and precise
  • Highlight the important areas to differentiate it from the rest.

Be precise and straight to the point. Use simple and convincing language. Stick to the essentials with little text. Make use of white space to emphasize the information in your resume.

Never forget to add your social media links. LinkedIn and other social media presence play a major role in the initial screening. Not having a good social media presence may put you down from the recruiter’s point of view. There are also some information’s needs to be private, remember your resume cannot be your LinkedIn profile.

Use graphs and charts which eventually grabs attention of any reader, make sure that you give the right information in those info-graphics as it will be the most highlighted parts of the resume. Make use of icons for each sub heading when ever possible which makes your resume more attention grabbing one.

Printable Resume Templates

Making resumes is all up to for whom it is made and for the industry, as each industry is unique.  Modern creative resume can be general and also specific to each industry. Having ready made resumes may not be customizable to some specific job, the reason to make a resume is to stand out in the crowd, so why do you want a template which is already available for everyone. Ensure to visit the site to get your fill of modern resumes fit for specific job functions.

Simple Tips, Tricks with Do's and Dont's for a Modern Resume

The challenge of life, I have found, is to build a resume that doesn’t simply tell the story of what you want to be, but it’s a story about who you want to be!



Think like the employer

Keep it clean

Understand what the employer wants, you can customize your information to address it effectively

A hiring manager may only spend 10 – 15 seconds looking at your resume, don’t give them second thought.

Choose a Basic Font

Create Social Proof

Stick with 11 & 12 size and use either Calibri or Arial

When a potential employer googles your name, they should see what other people think of you

Write a custom resume for every job

Get feedback from employers

When applying for jobs that are a perfect match for your qualities and experience

If the employer accepts to give you feedback, they are more likely to accept your request for a visit to the office

Review resume samples before you start

Show off why you’re a perfect fit for the role

Before you start working on writing or updating your resume, review resume examples that fit a variety of employment situations.

Organize and customize your resume to highlight the transferrable skills and experience so they can tell in 10 seconds that your qualified.



Add a summary statement

Don’t overstate your value

A short summary of your experience, achievements and aspiration allows potential employers to quickly glean all the information they are seeking.

Everyone appreciates confidence and enthusiasm, but don’t let it slip into arrogance.

Keep it short

Don’t have typos

Your resume should condense all relevant  information clearly around 600 - 700 words. If its impossible to do so in one page, a two page resume is acceptable.

Typos are signs of sloppiness, and no one knowingly hires a sloppy employee.

Use Keywords

Don’t be bland

Keywords like " management”,” professional”,” knowledge” ,  “experience”, “establishes “and “motivates” have been proved to have a positive impact on a resume.

Don’t go crazy and print on perfumed paper, but produce the most professional, eye appealing resume DO NOT make your resume longer than two pages.

Show off your tech skills

Do not use undermining words

Accurately summarize the software and technologies that you’re similar with highlight your achievements.

Certain words and phrase can have a negative impact on your resume. These words include “objective” , “loves” , “tries first time” , “myself” and “chance”, among others.


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