Here's How Your Resume Should Look In 2019

Here's How Your Resume Should Look In 2019

Jan 27, 2021. By Admin

Let’s be honest here! Writing a resume can be a total drag! But the mere fact that you are here, and you are reading how your resume should look in 2019 means you are scouting for your next big leap in the year to come, or, you are not happy with what you are doing now and you would like to venture into greener pastures.

Treat your content as the Queen and the aesthetic appeal as the King! We are sharing few expert approved tips here to nail that dream job you are aspiring for.


A good resume needs to catch the eye of the reader! Not seem like an eye sore! The resume you design, should be aesthetically appealing, sleek and classy. Be it a traditional resume or, something more out of the box. Don’t get too heavy with fancy fonts, italics, all-caps and crazy formatting. Use fonts that look good both on screen and in print!


The first half of your resume is your premium slot available! Use it wisely! Don’t fill it up with unwanted redundant details. Use it to showcase your skills, your achievements and other important details. Ensure you have a strong LinkedIn profile and add the link right under your name or around it so it grabs attention. Most hiring managers use LinkedIn to screen your profile. Ensure you don’t hold just an existence in LinkedIn but also have a strong content to compliment the resume you have sent to the hirer.


Firms today receive tons of RESUME’s applying for a single position. They can’t manually sit and screen each profile. So, the hirers use the applicant tracking system to screen and understand if you are apt for the position they have open.

This how it works. Your resume when uploaded, the ATS scans it for keywords that are applicable to the position they have open and the one you are applying for. The main function of this program is to sort out and narrow down on few applications, so the rest that are not suitable get trashed. Close to 60% of the resumes are eliminated even before the hiring manager gets to see it! It is important that you strategize your resume with keywords relevant for the position you are aspiring for.


Do not go on bulleting your resume from the start to the end. Provide the reader a balanced outlook by using few paragraphs, colors for distinction and bullets. Don’t go about decorating your resume like a bride!


No one cares about your job description. Don’t go about listing down your duties. Rather talk about what you achieved doing the tasks assigned to you. This speaks volumes by itself! Assuming that you are a Sales Guru. You don’t have to talk about how you make cold calls or how many clients you have met. You can simply write about the revenue you have generated for the company that employed you and it sums up what you do on a day to day basis.

Hoping we were able to give you a broad perspective of how your RESUME can look in the year to come.

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