How to do the perfect CV makeover

How to do the perfect CV makeover

Mar 29, 2021. By Priyanka Verma

Many think about their Curriculum Vitae (CV) when they are desperately searching for a job, or, have reached a point where they do not know if their jobs are secure. It’s obviously a pretty important document in those circumstances, but it needs to be updated between roles to ensure it’s always up-to-date and reflects the best possible version of you at all times.

Curriculum Vitae, a Latin term by origination, means “The Story of your Life.” And, you CV more or less is a movie that stars you, draws complete attention to who you are and why you are the best.

One needs to be able to portray their own personality on a piece of paper that showcases their personality. Having a well drafted neatly presented CV is as important as entering an interview well dressed. Writing a CV can be a very daunting affair. One should not If we are not sure about the best it should be carried out then we must never think twice before hiring the services of CV writers such as CV Designer - A DAYS Group Initiative, Top Resume Writing Service in India. This company works with the best certified writers that work with dedication and their vast experience.

Points to be taken care of while drafting a CV

Tidy CV

When we go for an interview with a dirty and untidy CV, then it is more likely that we get rejected than selected. When you would not risk going to an interview shabbily dressed, why would you carry a CV that is shabbily written? Not all would know exactly what to write in a CV. That is why we need take the help of CV writers, who have rich experience in drafting a story line that captures your experience and exposure.   

Error Free

A CV is rejected at once when it grammatically wrong, has spelling mistakes and is not written well. None would want to read a document that is filled with errors. They would rather keep it aside and proceed with more professionally written CV. Hence it is advisable to hire CV writing services, because they have writers with a sharp eye for details. 

Trendy and latest designs

Companies now-a-days follow like seeing CVs that are out of the box and stay away from traditionally written old school CVs. A well drafted CV gives a long lasting impression on the recruiters that prompts them to call you for the interview so that they can gauge in person your skills and qualifications and your candidacy. 

Use of statistical methods

Reading theory filled CVs is boring and also it leaves a reader baffled. So, in order to assert yourself in the effective manner, it is recommended to make the use of statistical approach. Use numbers and data driven points to explain how you performed in the previous companies and how will you be able to perform in this company to bring out the best possible results. Using numbers will give a reader a better understanding of your skills and achievements and they will be able to know how you can prove to be an asset to the company if given a chance.

Use of keywords

Today screening process is automated. Every other company uses an ATS system to scan the resumes, therefore it is mandatory to use the related keywords that ensure that you get selected for the job role. Using keywords increase the chances of your selection, because they don’t let the recruiter miss out on any useful information that can be helpful in getting you selected.


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