Achievements that make your resume shine

Achievements that make your resume shine

Oct 01, 2021. By Admin

The HR has a million of resumes or CV dropped in their email for one job position. It is impossible for one person to read through millions of resumes to filter the perfect candidate from them.But if you have some extraordinary qualities in your resume, we are sure you will be selected at once. The only way to stand out of the crowd of applications is to write your achievements carefully. In the previous articles you have learnt more about the achievement. But in this article we will focus on the types of achievements that can be written in a resume.

Achievements can be classified into two separate categories: qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative accomplishments

Qualitative accomplishments or achievements are the ones in which you were a part of and made an impact in the quality of work for the organisation that you are a part of.

This could include all the team meetings you conducted, the paper presentations you gave or the presentation you gave for bringing a new change in the organisation. Here are a few examples:


  • Volunteered to work as the team leader in the absence of managerial staff and kept the store in working condition.

  • Represented the company at the International Committee of Manufacturers and restored good faith through eloquent communication techniques.


Quantitative accomplishments

These are accomplishments that you were a part of and made an impact in the quantity, like bringing in more turn over, increase in profit percentage etc. These are the most important type of achievements that the hiring managers hunt for in every application.

Here are some examples:

  • Increased fixed deposit amounts by over 12 lakh rupees as compared to the previous financial year.

  • Reduced working hours by more than 30% through localisation of sales and indigenous promotions and campaigns.


Regardless of your achievements being qualitative or quantitative, your achievements must match the requirements of the job position. Always check your resume twice before sending it to your hiring committee.


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