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Even while recruiting procedures can differ from company to company, most employers look at your CV when determining whether or not you're a candidate they want to interview. Through a distinctive structure, digital resumes allow you to tell a hiring manager more about yourself. They make it easy for prospective employers to learn more about your job experience and the qualities that set you apart from other applicants.


Any resume that hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource specialists may access online is considered a digital resume. Digital resumes come in a variety of formats, such as plain text on a website, a PDF file that can be downloaded, and more. You can construct a digital résumé that an employer can access by uploading it to your social media networks, building an online portfolio with it, writing samples, and links to other works, or creating a profile on a job search website with it.


A digital resume can help you interact with your future employer in a manner that other job hopefuls can't, as well as highlight your digital expertise and networking skills. Here are some other advantages of applying for jobs using a digital resume. They are,

  • QUICKER APPLICATION PROCESS- You can submit your application more quickly with a digital resume than with a traditional one. You could even be able to upload your digital resume with just one click, depending on where you've placed it. Once you've submitted your digital resume, a hiring manager or recruiter will receive an email, which may improve the likelihood that they'll get in touch with you before other applicants for the same post.
  • EXPANDED ONLINE PRESENCE- You have the opportunity to broaden your internet exposure by using a digital résumé. Whereas a traditional resume typically only comes in one format, a digital resume lets you choose from a variety of layouts based on the position you're looking for or the employer's preferences. Additionally, the more digital resume sites you use, the more probable it is that a hiring manager will locate your information when looking for qualified applicants. Your resume might appear in the search results because you've established a strong internet presence.
  • VISUAL APPEAL- You have the choice to use your digital resume in a more inventive way. To demonstrate your skills and dedication to the position you're looking for, think about changing up your layouts, adding a photo or other graphics, uploading a video, and using unconventional formatting options.


When writing a digital resume, it's best practice to include everything that you would have in a text resume. This includes your


Contact details with email

Resume objective

Work experience



Certifications & licenses

Portfolio link

Other sections which is specifically required

Depending on the position you wish to apply for, you may require a particular sort of digital resume. If at all possible, develop a different CV for each job application so that you may be sure to contain the relevant information that the hiring manager is looking for. To construct a digital CV that will help you land an interview, follow these steps:

  • SELECT A RESUME BUILDER- Although many websites have built-in resume builders, you might also want to think about using a digital resume builder that will help you maintain your resume organised and formatted. These tools can also help you convert your resume into different formats if you're unsure of how you want your digital resume to look.
  • INCLUDE FORMS OF MEDIA- Your use of distinctive assets in your digital CV is one technique to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Consider utilising a professional headshot, adding video, or producing an infographic that highlights your professional background. Hiring managers can easily find you and continue to be interested in what you can do thanks to the media.
  • SAVE YOUR FILE- In addition to making it simple for employers to discover you, saving your file will guarantee that you don't lose any of the time or work you put into creating your resume. Examine how you can make hiring managers and HR specialists as able to view your digital resume as possible. Create a title for the save that you're comfortable with the employer reading while you're saving your file. You can think about including your name and the job you're looking for so they can link you to the position and find your resume in their files more easily in the future.
  • CHOOSE A PRIVATE OR PUBLIC UPLOAD OPTION- You probably have the option to make your resume public or private throughout the upload process. Depending on your needs and present employment situation, there are advantages and disadvantages to each, so it's crucial to weigh your options and select the one that's right for you.


  • MAKE IT READABLE- It's feasible to use too many formatting options, which would make it challenging to read your resume. This can cause the hiring manager to become distracted, therefore it's crucial to review your digital CV to make sure it's crystal clear and simple to comprehend.
  • INCLUDE ALL THE IMPORTANT DETAILS- While using a digital CV may provide you the chance to showcase your creativity or online prowess, it's crucial to keep your attention on the specifics of who you are and why you're a strong fit for the job.
  • INCLUDE A PRINTABLE VERSION- Depending on who is evaluating your resume, it's possible that some of them would want to take notes on a printed copy of your resume. You might appeal to the preferences of the company's representatives by supplying a printable version. You can reach us at d@cvdesigner.in or give us a call at 0091 844 844 8780 for further queries.


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