20 Quick Tips to Get Hired Fast

20 Quick Tips to Get Hired Fast

Jan 27, 2021. By Admin

There are few who walk into an interview panel, Look around and breathe a sigh of relief when they find minimal panelist or flash a broad smile with a welcome note!  Why?

Their mind secretly tells them, “These guys are friendly, they are not going to throw questions and make my mind go blank!”  There are a few who walk in and think “They are going to say they just about have to take me onboard!”

One cannot change the panel of interviewers. We end up accepting them the way they are. But we can change and control the way we walk in for an interview.

I personally feel there are 10 most important things to do before going to an interview, that will make you look as an individual who is well-prepared and serious about the interview on hand. The bottom line is constant! When the interviewer feels you are serious about your application reciprocation is positive.

10 most important things to do before going to an interview

  1. Be on time – Preferably 15 mins ahead. Have all needed maps and directions in place a day prior to your scheduled appointment. This will showcase that you value their time as much as you value yours.
  2. Gather all details of the person you need to meet so you don’t waste your time looking for the right person and the department. This will let them know that you pay attention to details for more productivity.
  3. Remember to carry a Pen and Notepad in case you need to take down some points. This will make you look as an organized professional.
  4. Ensure you carry Clean copies of your resume and cover letter, and keep them handy and ensure not to fold them. This will portray that you value your skills and are very proud to possess them.
  5. Remember to study what the company is all about. Do your homework! Have five or more questions to ask your interviewers. This will tell them that you are keen about the job and are genuinely interested.
  6. Carry samples or portfolio of related work you’ve done in the past which can be presented upon request. They will know that the information presented in the CV is not fake.
  7. Make notes of the job description as you are discussing with the panel. And remember to reiterate. This will prove that you pay very close attention and process information the right way.
  8. Remember to carry your previous employments payslips and other supporting documents so you can submit the same upon request. This will ensure there is a closure at the earliest.
  9. Remember to wear neat clothes, well pressed and apt for an official meeting.
  10. Most important … SMILE!!! Nothing showcases your confidence better than your smile! 
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