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A resume is a marketing tool, a brochure intended to pitch you to employers as a qualified candidate. Your chances of receiving the job you're applying for are influenced by the contents, language, punctuation, font, and even the quality of the paper it is printed on.

Second, keep in mind that HR Managers receive dozens of resumes for each opening. They scan them fast, occasionally only giving each CV a few seconds of their attention, and then decide instantly whether to move on or reject the applicant.


The following are the basic elements required in order to write a perfect CV for job.

  • CONTACT DETAILS- Include your personal number, alternate contact number and your email to contact you regarding the interview purpose.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION- In this section, include your nationality, date of birth, marital status, visa status and your driving license.
  • WORK HISTORY- Include the dates in reverse-chronological order with the previous company names and the job title you were in. Also brief about what the company does and the role played by you. Do include the valid reason if you have any career gaps.
  • EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND- Mention the study levels acquired with the year of passing and location.
  • ADDITIONAL SKILLS- Include extra languages acquired and also the special skills in IT, achieved certifications and licenses, etc.


In addition to globally recognized guides for crafting a strong and good CV, there are some local norms that you should follow when preparing a resume for vacancies in gulf countries. These may differ from what you are used to in your home country but you need to follow them.

  • NATIONALITY- On your CV, under your personal information, you must state your passport & nationality. Mention both nationalities if you have more than one.
  • PHOTO- Almost every company in gulf countries prefer to see your photo on the CV but this tends to be low for multinationals for other senior roles. However, it is necessary for any job that involves interacting with customers. Make sure you look professional and are dressed appropriately. Smile. Also, refrain from taking selfies. Female applicants should stay away from images that are too provocative or revealing.
  • WORK BACKGROUND- Your chances of finding work back home may improve if you've previously worked for a reputable company in your local market. However, you will discover that your home experience could not open many doors unless that organisation is highly known in any of the gulf countries. In order to address this, it's useful to include a succinct summary of the organisation in your CV in order to express its significance and value.
  • EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND- Even though the university you attended and graduated from, may be the most respected in your own nation, it may still be unknown in the Gulf nations. If your university is something of which you are really proud, then include a description that highlights it.
  • CERTIFICATIONS- Any certificates you have should be highlighted in your resume, especially those from foreign organisations since they are more likely to be accepted in gulf nations than domestic credentials from your own nation. It should absolutely be indicated if you have any certificates or licences from these countries.
  • DRIVING LICENSE- This can be seen necessary if your work is related to some sales roles that requires travelling within or to the neighbouring countries.
  • VISA STATUS- If you are applying for a job while already you are in any of the gulf nation, you should specify your visa status, including whether you are there as a visitor, employee, or dependent.
  • AVAILABILITY- Many employers significantly favour applicants who can start working right away, do not need to provide notice to their current employers, and do not need to go through the visa change process. It is advisable to state if you are not currently employed and ready to begin right away.
  • CV LENGTH- In order to evaluate a candidate's qualifications, HR experts do not need to read a lengthy CV. Even if you have decades of experience, 1-2page CV is the ideal length to send. Be succinct and clear.
  • ATTACHMENTS- Even if including numerous attachments with a CV is customary in certain nations, doing so in gulf nations is uncommon and may even turn off potential employers. Send your CV without any attachments, and only provide more files if requested. You can reach us at d@cvdesigner.in or give us a call at 0091 844 844 8780 for further queries.


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